This is a blog about role-playing games.


Other times it's about how I gave them up and picked them back up, and why. Or my wife learning to play. Or the psychology and sociology of games. Or grappling with issues of gender, race and other forms of unintentional alienation in the RPG community.

Often, because I'm an artist, I'll post custom miniatures and illustrations. Just to lighten the mood.

But all that's still about games, isn't it?

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A good comment:
"Chris: I disagree about the awesomeness of turtles for the following reasons. (list of reasons)"

A comment that will be deleted:

"Dude, what are you talking about? Turtles suck!"

A comment that will be also be deleted, and likely cost you the privilege of commenting again:


I reserve the right to delete your comment if it is does not fit this criteria.

I reserve the right to delete your comment if I suspect you are trying anything sneaky like posting twice under two different aliases.

I reserve the right to delete your comment if one of my chickens start telling me I should kill anyone wearing a green shirt and also to delete your comment, and my footstool backs him up. I may or may not kill people with green shirts, though.

Basically, there is no law or code of ethics demanding I let you comment on my blog, just as there isn't demanding you let me comment on yours. If you don't like these rules, that's what you can do about it: get a blog.

Special rules apply to the A:TLA posts. Read them before commenting on those.