Friday, December 10, 2010

TIC... TOC.... TIC...

An awesome but hard as hell exercise from Zak Smith's blog: Stock a dungeon with 15 rooms in under 2 minutes.

Follow the link to see the map - I don't think it matters, though. Any layout of 15 rooms will do. Here's mine, but I'm really bad at telling time* so I think I accidentally went over:

  1. Statue of a basilisk and a flock of cockatrice locked in deadly combat. Not real.
  2. Stoned Flock of cockatrice, real, trap tile unstones them.
  3. Stoned Basilisk, real, but actually stoned: bleary eyes, etc. Gaze half effective due to red eye
  4. Two elf women that won't stop singing (can't?)
  5. Bannana trees
  6. floor covered in redworms
  7. floor covered in teeth
  8. Giant tapestry made of woven spider silk
  9. caged spiders
  10. spider milking apparatus
  11. WC
  12. Kid pounding head against floor, wound keeps healing
  13. comfy chairs
  14. kitchen
  15. library, all the books are blank 
*Not kidding - I don't know why either.

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