Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ten Interesting People You Might Bump Into on the Streets of Carrow

1: A stray goat wearing a large emerald as a pendant, worth 500gp. Will protect the emerald to the death.

2: A skeleton in good Carrow Guard plate mail. Necromatic wires got crossed during last uprising in the Graveyard, has been wandering aimlessly ever since. No one's noticed: Carrow Guard mail covers everything but the face, and citizens are accustomed to guards on leave stumbling around drunk or hung over. Won't attack unless provoked.

3: A Church of Krae* zealot. Dressed to the nines, very snooty unless a PC has a shiny and expensive-looking object visible. Then they are very friendly in offering to buy it for way less than it's worth, making every attempt to convince the player it's not what they think it is and they are giving them a deal. If they prove particularly astute, the zealot will change tones, tell them they belong in "The Unkindness" and warn them against Charlie Crow* heretics.

4: A Church of Charlie Crow zealot. Plain and humble in all ways, but also mirthful and talkative. Too much so - will keep talking and talking and talking about farming, the town, the awful the Church of Krae is, how they would be welcomed whole-heartedly into "The Murder," until told bluntly to shut up. Takes it very well. Think Ned Flanders in the early-middle seasons.

5: A very friendly man who smiles, waves, slips on horse dung, and lands on his back. There are five loud pops and the contents of his head are blown out over the street in a fan pattern. He was carrying a strange, five barreled rifle-like object full of quartz crystal shards, a receipt from a shop called Quinne's Quintessentials* an apple, a dagger, a house key and 1d10x5 gp.

6: The Krae and the Charlie Crow zealots, arguing over a silver sculpture of a baby worth 100gp. Each claims the other picked it from their pocket. Truth is that both had one, and both picked the other's pocket. The Krae picked the Crow's pocket, therefore had two. The Crow didn't notice, and later picked the Krae's pocket, and was caught, and still doesn't realize his own silver baby is in the other's pocket. If anyone offers to split the baby, the Crow zealot is for it and the Krae against. If the players get bored with the whole thing, have someone draw a sword.

7: Not a capital "R" Rogue. Just the world's least lucky mugger.

8: A large wooden barrel rolling down the lane on its side. Bursts open to reveal about 1d4-per-PC vomit-covered goblins. The goblins are at -1 to do anything.

9: An actual Rouge, leveled high enough to present a challenge. Roll a D6 - on a 1-4 it's the "Quietly pick your pocket" kind. On 5 or 6 it's the "Fuck up your shit and loot your corpse" type.

10: A prostitute. Roll 1d8 for gender


* Have I talked about religion in Carrow? Krae is a woman in noble attire with the head of a raven. Worshipped primarily by the well-to-do of Carrow. Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity among other things.

* Charlie Crow is just a big crow. Worshipped by farmers mostly. God of the Harvest, Life and Death among other things. I'll touch on the two Churches and the real nature of these gods later.

* Quinne has her own post here.

Painting by the German artist Hurlzmeier

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  1. I like this Charlie Crow already. He looks pretty laid back up there and that's just the kind of god you should worship.