Monday, June 21, 2010

10 Things That Might Be In A Treasure Chest

1 - A pewter ring and a three-foot long toy snake made of articulated joints of dark wood, with a hinged jaw and steel fangs. The head is hollow, and can be filled with liquid (pushing in both eyes causes a valve in the back of the throat to open). One 'dose' of potion or poison can be poured in without spilling.

When the ring is worn, the snake becomes animate and can be controlled via thought. It moves clumsily, but can slither around and bite things. The bite can't hurt anything a halfing's size or bigger, but it can inject the potion or poison in the snake's head.

Besides the obvious use, a clever player will see the value in using the snake to deliver healing potions to fallen comrades during combat.

2 - 1d10x10 chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. However, the gold foil is pure gold used for leafing, each sheet worth double the value of a coin. The chocolate is very good.

3 - As #2, but the chocolate is sugar-free diet chocolate made by an ancient race of elves with poor body-image that starved themselves into extinction. Will give PC the shits. All roles are -1 for a day or until healed via a potion or magic.

4 - As #2, but the chocolate hails from the actual Plane of Chocolate. It is in all ways more chocolate than any chocolate in the mundane world. Eating a coin will so improve your outlook on life that all roles are +1 for a day. Eating two in 24 hours will grant an Insight into the Nature of Chocolate, and for the rest of the day any time they try to do something the player must succeed a Willpower save of 20 or be completely apathetic to this reality and get a -5 on the role. If they succeed they get a +2.

The effect lasts that many days longer for each additional coin eaten, but 5 coins or more will kill any creature that fails a Willpower save of 20. This is because the Gate to the Plane of Chocolate has been opened and the soul will want to immediately enter. Anyone that dies from this way cannot be raised - their soul will refuse to come back.

For any being that tastes of the Chocolate, eating mortal chocolate becomes a sad and wistful experience.

5 - Roll twice. If two kinds of chocolate are rolled, the DM can either have them in seperate bags, or be a dick and make it a 50/50 chance each time one is eaten.

6 - A large glass bottle full of several hundred neon pink caterpillars. They seem to be immortal, or at least long-lived and without need to breath or eat for however long they've been in the jar. The caterpillars are magnetic, surprisingly fast and once attached to metal they will devour it in a straight line. DMs can handle the mechanics of this as they see fit: I'm just going to play it by ear and say the whole jar will ruin most shields and weapons in one round, and eat enough of a suit of plate or chainmail to make it fall off in the same amount of time. They'll stick to what's in reach until it's all been eaten (a medium plate-mail will take the whole jar's worth ten rounds) then hone in on the nearest new feast. They never stop eating and are too small and numerous to kill with anything but acid and fire. They can be out-walked, though.

Eventually, the caterpillars will build strong metal cocoons then hatch out as pink-and-silver moths with razor-sharp wings. These will spread far and wide, lay eggs, and die. The eggs will hatch into millions of neon pink caterpillars and become a disastrous plague.

7 - A ruby worth 200 gp.

8 - The ruby above, but inside are two tiny Fey in ballroom attire posed as if dancing. Their expressions are frozen in mirth. Only their eyes move freely, and dart back and forth constantly. Some merchants will pay a hefty sum for it and others won't touch it. It cannot be broken by normal means.

9 - A handsome fork. Remarkable for two reasons - forks haven't been "invented" in this land, and everything eaten with it tastes great. Dirt, strong-tasting poisons, goblins, diet food, anything. Made by the same elves responsible for the diet chocolate.

10 - A wooden mask carved from the corpse of a treant. Treats, huorns and other nature-spirits will relentlessly attack anyone in possession of it. Stolen from a high-ranking goblin who wants it back. Wearing it gives an Aura of Fear: Anyone who would oppose the wearer must succeed a Will savings throw of 15 or be affected as the Fear spell cast by an 11th-level wizard.


  1. So where does one find the chocolate in #4? I've ransacked all the chests in the house and come up with only ren faire costume pieces and a stash of jewelry. Chocolate would be *much* better.

  2. Personally, I want the jar of caterpillars. I'd toss it over the fence of a military base.

  3. I really like the snake. Very Arabian Nights.