Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Like Delta Green, but with Expense Reports

The people who did the Doctor Who RPG (which, from looking at the rules a bit, holds no interest for me) are releasing something I'm very, very intrigued by:

A RPG based on Charles Stross' excellent "Bob Howard" novels. If you haven't read them, you should if you like H.P. Lovecraft, the idea magic is a branch of pure mathematics, espionage thrillers or parodies thereof, nerd in-jokes and sardonic British wit about bureaucracy and certain doom.

If you've ever played Delta Green, it's that but British and with a sense of humor.

Ever since reading The Atrocity Archives I've thought an RPG would be great: Blowing holes through undead Nazis with a Hand of Glory, holding back uncouth horrors with a containment pentagram drawn with conductive Sharpie and powered by your custom smart phone, and if shit really hits the fan crossing into a level 3 space-time rift, basilisk gun at the ready, to shut the damn thing down.

The fact this uses the Basic Roleplaying System, which I consider the most straight-forward out there, only adds icing to the cake. Now... if only I could find someone willing and able to run a game, because this is something I'd much rather play than GM.

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