Thursday, July 1, 2010

A True Classic

 Sorry for the recent lack of posts - work's been busy as Hell.* The good news is Kitty and I played our second game this weekend, and it went smashingly. Really just a dust-up with some goblins, but it was fun and challenging enough for a lone level 1 cleric and a thief NPC.

Meanwhile, over on I Hit It With My Axe, Satine Phoenix's character is the first to fall, which lead to the inevitable "NO! BLACKLEAF! I'M GOING TO DIE!" jokes. Man, that thing never stops being funny.

Here's a breakdown of it written as a decent imitation of a MST3K episode. It's one of the many tracts of cartoonist and crazed lunatic Jack Chick, and always good for some laughs until you realize how large a portion of the world has read and believed him.

*Where, according to over 200 tiny little comics, I will be attending.

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